WED: Beer Slogans

Miller Lite is currently asking you to “Hold True.” Coors wants you to “Carry the West.” But, just last year they wanted it to be “Miller Time” and us to “Taste the Rockies.”

I don’t claim to know a single thing about the light beer industry, but I would imagine that it’s all based on what they perceive will create rapid connection with their target demographic, quick sales, bleed it dry, and then onto the next catchy slogan in the hopes of surviving a cutthroat industry.

“Hold True”…until it doesn’t work. Then bail.

I wonder what it will be next year.

The hollow slogans encapsulated by the light beer category are a reminder of what not to do if we want to connect. If people are accustomed to your shtick in a constant state of change (not evolution), then there is nothing there that will grab a hold and keep them on your team. No flag worth championing.

Our fitness industry, your work team, your personal reputation: for unnoticeable people and things to become noticeable, we must plant a flag and defend it through peaks and valleys. A message or personal behavior that makes it through the downturns comes out the other side even more authentic than when it started. Are you Jekyll when the chips in your corner are high, and then the minute the stack gets thin you become Hyde?

Consistency in our own message is the only way for the world to perceive us exactly how we want to be perceived.

Otherwise, we’ll all just be constantly chasing our own next sales cycle.


Wednesday, 8.8.18

First. For Structure.
10 Deadlifts @ 65%
6 Kneeling Arnold Presses
*Complete 1 set every 5’ for 15’ (x3)

Then. For Conditioning.
3/s Kneeling LM Clean and Squat to Press
8/s Offset Push Ups
10 Swimmers
8/s Russian Twists
60m Heavy Farmer’s Walk