WED: BecomeMore Nutrition Systems – Enrollment Now Open

We are extremely excited to announce that enrollment for our first ever in-gym group nutrition coaching is now officially open.

With spaces limited and capped, we will keep enrollment open from now until Sunday evening at 7 pm.

Start Date: Thursday, January 10th
Timeline: 11 Weeks

Here’s what you can expect when you enroll (pages 22 – 23).

**Thursday Nutrition Class: 7pm, Crown Point

**Small, Weekly Goals: Leave every class with action items for the week

**Weekly Body Scans: Tangible progress measurement

**Group Accountability: In person during class + online Facebook page

**Performance Benchmarks: Measurable impact that nutrition has on your output

**Trio of Nutrition Coaches: Three coaches to help you with your goals.

Thursday Night Nutrition Class:
The foundation of BecomeMore Nutrition is the 7 pm class that all participants are expected to attend weekly. That is where we will learn, be accountable, train, and form a unique community where we all support one another towards our goals.

What if I can’t make the class?
If you are unable to make this Thursday 7pm time, you may still enroll and get support through the group Facebook page. Each week, we will be posting a recap of everything done in class, so you will still be able to keep up and maintain motivation. However, you will not receive one-on-one coaching, and you will not be given extra attention to make up for not being able to make class.

The Thursday Class at 7pm is where all of our attention, resources, and efforts will be focused.

We can’t wait to get our inaugural group together and create life changing habits and transformations over the next 11 weeks.

To be a part of it all and lay your 2019 foundation, enroll here.

Questions? Email


Wednesday, 1.2.18

First. For Strength.
Work Up to a 3R or 5R Top Set
6 Heavy DB Floor Press
(x30’ including warm up)

Then. For Conditioning.
w/a partner
A: 3/s FR Rev Lunges + 4 OTB Burpees + 80m Sprint
B: Rest