WED: Apparel 2.0

In case you missed yesterday’s post, just a reminder that all day long, all locations, we’re having a Halloween fundraiser to benefit Wade’s Army. Dress up and do your part for good.

You have likely noticed the increased efforts in new apparel releases. It’s long been something we’ve wanted to dive into, and now that we have more resources to do s, we’re only going to keep working at our offerings. Thanks very much for everyone who provides their opinion on our IG polls. It’s actually quite helpful.

For our current members, as you have seen, items will continue to be available for sale at all three gyms on a first come, first serve basis. Every order we produce is small batch, limited release and only stocked until we are sold out.

For those of you former members who reach out about online sales. We haven’t yet had the capability to provide this, but it is coming soon. It will be run entirely off our IG account.

This Fall we have patched crew sweatshirts, women’s premium leggings, thick hoodies, and more coming soon.

Have an idea? Hit us up. This is built to serve.


Wednesday, 10.31.18

First. For Strength.
>6+ mo. Deadlift Experience: Work up to a 3RM
<6+ mo. Deadlift Experience: 5 Deadlifts @60-80% 
30”/s Pallof Hold

Then. For Conditioning.
3 Hell Trots
100m Row