Good afternoon, guys.  Hope you have all enjoyed your two to three week glorious holiday hiatus into your ol’ pals gluttony and sloth, but it’s back to business.

‘Beat the Soft’.  A name we came up with for our 5-week holiday contest that we thought would help motivate folks to do just that.  However, you never really know who is going to embrace it and it what quantity.  You also don’t know if people are going to stick to it for a full five weeks.

Suffice it to say it was almost 100% embraced by the 39 people who volunteered.

Here are the highlights.

The average female participant saw her strength increase 44% while simultaneously dropping 5 pounds of body fat.

The average male participant saw his strength increase 25% while simultaneously dropping 1.7 pounds of body fat.

That is absolutely remarkable.  It’s clear the men in the contest were not after fat loss as much as most of the guys were in great shape to begin with and going hard for strength.  Further, the reason their percentage is so much lower is quite frankly, they were starting out much stronger even proportionately speaking. Stronger folks will see much more modest gains than beginners.

The takeaway?

It’s amazing what compound lifts can do for your body composition, strength and performance!


Here are the final standings for each category with highlights in parenthesis.

Strength Gain: Male Division

  1. Chris Sieberkrob – 65% (205 to 295# 3-rep deadlift)
  2. Jon Mesic – 40% (205 to 255# 3R deadlift)
  3. Eddie MacPhee – 39% (315 to 375# 3R deadlift)


Strength Gain: Female Division

  1. Chrissy Perrenoud – 76% (75 to 135# 3R deadlift)
  2. Alex Vekich – 62% (185 to 225# 3R deadlift)
  3. Andrea O’Donnell – 58% (105 to 145# 3R deadlift)


Fat Loss: Male Division

  1. Robbie Davis, 5 lbs.
  2. Jon Mesic, 3 lbs.
  3. Matt Gordon, 0.2 lbs (ha!)


Fat Loss: Female Division

  1. Jess Eystad – 12 lbs.
  2. Marissa Dubolino – 9 lbs.
  3. Alex Vekich – lbs.


While every person significantly improved their body composition and/or strength, to me Alex Vekich deserves special recognition because of how she was able to both lose 7 pounds and also see her strength improve 62%.  That’s a microcosm of what Performance360’s training will do for folks when you apply some focus.

We will be raffling the $300 Grand Prize winner this afternoon based on the above standings.  If you want to know your individual percentage increases in strength or fat loss just shoot me an email and I will happily send them over to you!

Outstanding job to all of those who participated.  I would certainly say that soft had its ass kicked this holiday season.

P360 1, Winter Holidays 0.


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