In case you missed yesterday’s P360 Mustache Movember announcement then check it out!  We have nine brave male participants so far and four ladies who are sponsoring them/us.  We need some more ladies to step up and sponsor so announce yourself.

Here’s our lineup to soon-to-be mustached male models.

  • Yash Norhashemi (sponsored by Alex Vekich)
  • Jason Weber (needs sponsor)
  • John Blackburn (Tori Faught)
  • DT (Stombs)
  • Pritz (Kristen)
  • Jonathan Mesic (needs sponsor)
  • Dan Punaro (needs sponsor)
  • Brandon Flora (needs sponsor)
  • Lee Alcorn (needs sponsor)

Let’s get as many people involved as possible and raise some good money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Today’s Daily Challenge:

Today’s Outdoor Challenge is a “fun” one.  Essentially, we have stations set up all throughout the course of our outdoor property.  You have a base starting point and you have to pick 10 different stations, jog to it and do the corresponding exercise and reps indicated by the sign.



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