You have a few options for updating your account depending on the method you use to sign-up for classes and manage your account:

Option 1: The P360 Branded Mobile App (This is NOT the MindBody Connect App)

****Currently a bug in the new version of the app where it is not working correctly with billing and adding billing info to the app does not work. Please use #2 below, or call in the card number to us at 619-800-2774.

If you don’t have the Performance360 Mobile App, you can download it here: (Apple App Store / Google Play Store)

From inside the app, follow these quick steps to update your payment method:

  1. Click the menu button
  2. Select “My Account” from the dropdown
  3. In the upper right corner, you’ll see a credit card icon. Click that icon and update your card

Option 2: The MindBody Online Software

If you are using this option, you must use a full mobile browser and not the MindBody Connect App.

  1. Click HERE to open the MindBody site
  2. Log-in and it should take you directly to the billing screen.
  3. If it does not direct you to the billing screen, click the “MY INFO” tab and enter new billing info

Option 3: MindBody Connect App

Unfortunately, MindBody does not allow updated payments through this app and anything updated there will not reflect on your membership.