“Under the Barbell”, Ep. 5 with Darian Kimball

Meet Darian.

Member of 6 years. 29 years old. Marketing VP. Former college athlete who swore she’d never wake up before dawn to train again.

Here she is six years later among our most committed 6 am’ers.


Monday, 9.24.18

First. For Strength
5 Back Squats @ 60-80%
8/s DB Bench Rows
*Every 4’ for 20’ (x5) *

Then. For Conditioning
w/a partner:
A1: 5 Chin-Ups
6 V-Ups
7 Cal Bike Sprint
A2: 4 Hell Trots
100m Row Sprint
B: Rest

PHASE 1: Goblet Squat Test
ADVANCED: Find a 1R + “Mr. Purple”