Tuesday, 8/4

Daily Challenge

Format: Double Circuit

5 Hang Snatch @ 60%
80m Run
(x10 min)

5 KB Jerks
2 Burpees
(E.M.O.M. x 10)


6a, 12p, 7 pm (CP)

5×10 Deadlifts @ 60%

10 Heaving DB Rows
10 Tricep Pulldowns

To Finish,
50 DB Skullcrushers


7 am, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (MB)

(x10 min E.M.O.M)
Odd: 5 db squat cleans +3 burpees
Even: 5 spidermen complex

(x10 min E.M.O.M)
Odd: 4 kb rdl to f. Rack rev. Lunge
Even: max v-ups in 30′

(x10 min E.M.O.M)
Odd: 8 plate deck squats
Even: 10 frog burpees

Training Notes:
Some considerations for Hang Snatches today.

  • Focus on a VERTICAL bar path. Pull up, don’t swing out.
  • On your descent, move with purpose. Lats tight, just to mid thigh.
  • Jump up and do the limbo under the bar as it travels past the chest.
  • Drop and lock with total commitment. You are not at heavy weight todya.

Go forth and snatch.