Daily Challenge

“Cherry Garcia”
Format: 3-Tier

First, Slow and Heavy.
5×5 Push Jerk @ 75%
Then, Optional:
3×1 Split Jerk @ 90-100%

5 Rise and Press
3:3:3:3 Squat Jump to Pushup
100m Row
(x12 min)

500m Skip



P360 Muscle
6a, 12p, 7 pm (CP)

10 Squats @ 60%
10 DB Bench Press

10 Barbell Push Press @ 50%
12/s Heaving DB Rows

5×5 Seated Sled Pulls

P360 Shred
7a, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 (MB)

3 x 12 minute stations

  •      200m run
  •      10 squat jump punches.
  •      10 burpee over plate


  •      50 flutter kicks +10sec hold
  •      25 Knees to elbows (on floor)
  •      10/s side plank dips (adv on hands)

Glutes and Back

  •       12/s bulgarian lunges
  •        15 prone chest ups.
  •        15/s 1 leg bridge kicks



Why Muscle?

You’ve likely seen the Muscle classes on the schedule and perhaps you’re wondering if this class if for you. Here are several benefits to adding muscle.

  1. Improved Resting Metabolic Rate – The more lean body mass you have, the better your metabolism and the more calories you burn at rest.
  2. Performance – Dispersed muscle across your hamstrings, glutes, quads, trunk, deltoids and back will directly contribute to your speed, power and athleticism.
  3. Functionality – Targeting and isolating muscle groups is plain old good injury prevention.
  4. Aesthetics – Who ever didn’t want to develop their ass, arms or legs?  Many of you have aesthetic reasons for training. Embrace them and train them in P360 Muscle class.

The only thing being stuck in your ways will accomplish is to continue to be as you’ve always been.