Daily Challenge

“Point Break”
Format: 3-Tier
Tracking: Hang Cleans (click P360 Virtual Whiteboard button above)

First, Quickly.
5 Hang Cleans @ 50%
100m Run
(x20 min)

5 x 30’ Hollow Rock Holds
Then, Optional.
Work up to 1R Hang Clean Max.


P360 Muscle
6a, 12p, 7 pm (CP)

10 Bench Press @ 60 – 70%
5 Oxidative Goblet Squats

5/s Paused Hamstring Curls
5/s Paused DB Bicep Curls

1×50 UH Grip Barbell Rows


P360 Shred
7a, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 (MB)

20 Squat Jumps
10 Inchworms + Spiderman Crunch R/L
10 Plank Kickouts + 3’ Plank Hold (each rep)
Outdoor Lap → Lunge the turns, sprint the straightaway
50 Rope Waves
(x30 min)

Then, 500m backpedal


 Training Notes

“Why learning your percentages matters”
Learning your percentages is a lot like learning your pace if you were in a race. You don’t treat a 100m sprint the same as a marathon. You don’t treat a 5k the same as a 10k, or a half marathon the same as a trail run. You get the idea. Without knowing exactly what you’re dong with your barbell, you are basically starting at the finish line with no clear direction of how long you have to run.

Learning your percentages allows you to specifically target what your goals are, and the goals for that particular workout.

All percentages are always based off of your 1R max on that movement. If you are new to a movement, you have no business finding that 1R because you are still in your learning phase and taking your body to 100% load is a great way to get injured. Never do that.

But, over time, after you learn that 1R max the following percentages are typical for each goal.

30 – 50% of 1R: Fat Loss
50 – 70%: Muscle Growth
80%+: Strength

So, when we have your percentages on the board for that movement, there is always a precise reason behind it. Learn your percentages, and fast track your goals.