Daily Challenge

“Duck Dive”
Format: 2-Tier

First, For Strength.
5 Front Squats @ 70%
5 Depth Jumps

Then, For Fat Loss & Cond.
1 Jacob’s Ladder Complex
2 Power Burpees
80m Run
(x15 Min.)

Specialty Classes

6 pm (CP)

5 sets:
8x Jefferson Lift

4 sets:
5/s Alt. Circus Press Negatives
To Max Lawnmower Rows
(L then R)

For Time Remaining:
Loaded KB Carries:
100m Front Rack KB Carry
To 100m Farmers Walk

*Music Appreciation:
Last week ,Rage Against the Machine
This week, Static Radio NJ

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

6min Amraps each: 5 stations

10 Cal Row
7 pushups

10 KB swings
7 Goblet squats

10 burpees
7 Ab rollouts

10 DB Squat Cleans
7 DB push press

10 Seaturtles 4 ct.
7 Handstand kickups