Daily Challenge

“Ivan Drago”
Format: Circuit + Finisher

First, for 30 Minutes.
5 BB Row to Muscle Clean
10 Side Plank Reach Throughs
8 DB Piston Press
5 Goblet Box Squats
8 Figure-8 KB Cleans
Then, To Finish.
U-Call-It 200m Sprint/90’ Rest
(x10 Minutes)


6 pm (CP)

4 sets:
10x Assisted DB Bench
To Max Standing Plate Press

4 sets:
8x Heaving DB Rows
To Max Bent-Over Reverse Fly

5 sets of You-Call-It:
5×5 One-and-a-quarter Squats
5×5 Snatch Grip Power Shrugs
5x 8/s Bro Curls

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

AMRAP 30 min:
300m run or row
10 low ring rows
15 Weighted Step Ups
20 Burpees
25 KB Swings

20 Supermen
20 strict toes to bar
20 plate prisoner situps
2min plank variation