TUES: Words on a Wall

Courage. Determination. Teamwork. Family. Perseverance. Community.

I walked into a local big box gym a few weeks ago and noticed those very words created in a mural that took up a wall no less than 80 feet by 20 feet. It was very clear that this was the hopeful focal point of the gym, and while it looked cool, all you had to do was zoom out and observe everyone in the room to understand that they were just words. Individuals posturing for machine space, headphones on, eyes down at the ground in between sets. Probably exactly what most were there for, but certainly not the words they had up on the wall.

Anybody can slap what they want the narrative of their culture to be up on a wall and think that somehow makes it so, but only behaviors can manifest cultural ideology into something real.

In fact, those words on the wall had a negative effect but it brought attention to all the ways the environment was failing to be what they claimed. Culture is not a Harry Potter novel where imaginative writing can make you think you’re living it. It’s something that exists in the fabric of behavior.

The words on the wall I observed quickly made me self-check our words on our wall. Are we truly helping people to Become More? Or are we just saying so. It quickly made me realize the real expectation that something like that can set, and only stepping out of my environment was I able to realize the impact those words can have.

I view culture a lot like a joke. If you have to explain the punchline, you’ve already lost.


Tuesday, 8.14.18

First. For Structure
Lateral Sled Drag
15” MB Pec Squeeze
*Complete 4 Rds in 20’

Then. For Quality
3/s Ring Miyagis
5 Jump Overs
5/s Single Leg RDL
10 Pendulum Swings
100m Sprint- 100m Jog Return