Tues: Why PHASE 1?

If you want the detailed, nerdy version then go here. Today I thought I would explain our Phase 1 philosophy in real talk.

There’s nothing we do at the gym that garners more questions from outsiders than our Phase 1 program. Gym owners, prospective members, and curious onlookers all want to know about the program and how we “pull it off.” To me, the idea was never to pull anything off. I always believed that if we had to convince a new person that a thirty to sixty day on-ramp was a nuisance, then we were not the gym for that person and nothing has occurred since that has deterred me from that position.

It’s very simple. We are about development at Performance360. While that might sound uninspiring or perhaps a bit boring, development is something that frankly we feel gets pushed aside by our colleagues in group fitness. It’s understandable. Many people are very excited to get into a program and start slinging barbells and flooring themselves, but the long term price you pay for not “foundationalizing” yourself is severe. You jump movement pattern, motor learning, and tissue strengthening, and you jump your ability to handle stress. How someone could argue that or ignore that is really beyond me.

For those reasons, I struggle at explaining it to peers without sounding like an asshole, but at the end of the day, Phase 1 exists for the following reasons:

  1. Skill — Teach proper movement pattern and gross motor learning.
  2. Structure — Build connective tissue so the body can handle load.
  3. Purpose –Create goal setting and a sense of direction immediately while not isolating from the group.
  4. Safety — The more reps you perform prior to introducing fatigue, the better your default movement pattern will be under fatigue.
  5. Understanding — There is so much to learn with a new person and it is a two way street. Phase 1 allows more one on time, which allows coach and athlete to understand all the intrinsiv and extrinsic factors at play.

The introduction of Phase 1 is the best decision we’ve ever made. If you’re in Phase 1, relish the opportunity to build properly and set yourself up for long-term success. If you’re out of Phase 1, never forget that side of the board is always there for fixing issues no matter how long you’ve been training.

When it comes to your health, performance, and longevity. Compromise elsewhere.


Tuesday, 5.22.18

First. For Structure.
Heavy Forward Sled Drag
5 Sandbag Lap and Stand
*Complete 4 Rds or less in 20’’*

Then. For Conditioning.
Sprinter Crunches
Plyo Skaters
60m 1-Arm Farmer’s Walk
200m Run