TUES: Why is Strength a Consistent End of Cycle Measurement?

Weak bodies don’t change.

Let me just plainly state that up front in case you only skim. If your body is physically weak, it will not change it’s ability, composition, or its health. Period.

That’s not a Chad and Brad tough guy statement, that’s hormonal physiology 101.

Body’s that hammer themselves with chronically over intensified cardio sessions over and over do not support an endocrine environment conducive to favorable health, performance, or body composition.

At Performance360, we pride ourselves on the fact that many of our members here do not rank strength or performance as their top goal. In fact, you might be surprised to know that the overwhelming majority do not. That’s always been the case since we opened, and recently reinforced by our member survey in which only one quarter of polled members ranked strength and performance as their primary goal.

We’ve been successful over the years because we not only encourage you to have your own goals independent of what we might suggest, but we have always made actively support in our programming a top priority.

However, this needs to be crystal clear.

You do not need to rank your strength as a primary goal in order to understand that you need it. Vegetables are not my favorite, but I eat them. I am guessing that you do, too. With just a little bit of focus on your body’s total physical strength, you will unlock changes and potential that you likely didn’t think you could reach.

Strength work is what drives lean body mass, which is what drives physical health, which is what drives weight loss and body re-composition. Strength is the most global physical skill that your body can possess, and it is without question the highest transference of any physical quality you can develop. Strong bodies burn more calories, run faster, jump higher, and have greater work capacity. In body’s of sound nutrition, this creates change one hundred percent of the time.

One hundred percent. 

If we don’t insist that you check in on it on the end of every cycle, then we’re creating an environment that supports data absence blindness and we’d be allowing you to not have any answers as to why you might not be progressing.

We don’t like that.

No one cares if you don’t PR. PRs aren’t always indicative of progress. What we do all care about is that you’re doing everything you can to get results and be healthy, and that means holding yourself accountable to very modest strength increases every cycle.


Tuesday, 2.12.19

For Personal Progress Benchmark (PPB)
Lactate Threshold 1 (LT 1)

**In 9’ Heats**
12 Push Jerks (95#/65#)
5 OTB Lateral Burpees
300m Run
Then Rest until your heat is up

*95#/65# = “Rx”