MON: “What Are We?”

A question dreaded by those who don’t want to be in a relationship since the dawn of time.

Within the context of our culture, it has different meaning but carries with it the same lack of desire to put labels on it.

Seven years in and it’s still the question we get asked the most, and one we avoid like crazy because the very last thing we want to do is have borders drawn around us. Borders and parameters exist to contain, and are there to make snap judgement easy for those observing from outside of them.

Our goal since inception has been to disrupt that and make people investigate. To be the archaeologists, not the exhibit observer.

When we opened, we were very deliberately independent. We opposed the style of fly and die programming that was prevalent in functional fitness, and we were certain there was a better way to introduce intensity and load to beginners.

Evolution is funny, though. All the things that once set us apart — elements of bodybuilding, varied class opportunities, less focus on daily competition, are now falling more towards the norm than ever before in functional fitness.

In turn, our increased inclusions of cycled time-based challenges and benchmarks represents an element of evolution on our end towards the norm we previously weren’t a part of. All of it has made that question of, “What are we?” ironically more complex than ever before.

For us, this is our desired state. It’s simple. If we can easily be defined, it means that we’ve lost all that we’ve held dear, which is a philosophy that’s based on evolution, ideological mobility, progressive spirit, and freedom of exploration.

It’s a borderless state that we wouldn’t trade for anything. We’re not curing Cancer, here. It’s fitness. The kind that most people are places are doing to some degree, but with less restrictions and the antennae extended out a bit further.

The bottom line is this — If we’re able to succinctly answer the title question in a neat and tidy definition, I assure you, we have become predictable and are on the path to our decay.


Tuesday, 7.24.18

First. For Strength.
5 Pull-Ups
3 Box Jumps
*Every 4’ for 16’ (x4)

Then. For Conditioning
Staggered Stance RKBS
Lateral Over the Plate Burpees
DB Russian Twists
Wall Balls/MB Slams
200m Run