TUES: Study for the Test

There’s a saying that we impress upon coaches at our Academy and that is, “Study for the test.”

What we mean is, put people in a position to succeed.

We all went through the arbitrary nature of pop quizzes throughout school, and most of the time, we didn’t do so well. However, that midterm, final, and end of chapter test we knew was coming a month in advance? That’s where we put all of our performance efforts.

In the gym, a pop quiz in the form of an unplanned skill set test can be beneficial to test your ready state, but there is a difference between occasional and foundational. If unplanned exams are the cornerstone of your fitness program, then you’ll be trained to attach a high arousal state (high anxiety) to your experience and preparation every time you set foot in the gym. Imagine showing up for school bracing yourself for a surprise exam everyday. You’d grow to resent and possibly hate that environment, and that’s the last dynamic we want to create as you pursue fitness.

The gym is not the consistent testing ground. If you play sports are or competitive, you already have that. For the vast majority of us who aren’t competitive anymore, that testing ground should follow a month of dedicated work towards preparation and subsequent success.

There’s a reason we set up our PPBs and scheduled retests each mesocycle in a transparent format. We want you to have the course syllabus, so you can know when the exams are, and when they aren’t. Our aim is to position you to succeed. We don’t want to make a habit of basing your education around surprise exams.

There’s nothing productive about chronic performance anxiety. We want to grant you adequate time to study, and pass with flying colors.


Tuesday, 9.11.18

First in Teams of 3
A: 300m Row
B: 5/s Pistols + 10 MB Slams
C: 5/s Alt KB Push Press + 10 Bench Jump Overs

Then. To finish.
A: 1 Barbell 21
B: 30” Weighted Low Planks
C: 10 SLOW Swimmers