TUES: September Programming Prep

Programming Prep Day! Here’s what we have going on in the month of September, folks.

Monthly Cycle:

Monday – Back Squat Progressions
Tuesday – Varied
Wednesday – Varied
Thursday – Snatch Progressions
Friday – Varied

In keeping with the recent programming testing, there will be a third barbell lift each week focused on structure.

Main Lifts

Absolute Strength: Back Squat

Here are some points of emphasis in the upcoming months:

1. Feet, Hands, Back are Our Priorities.

  • Feet – Try squatting with sneakers off, especially for newer squatters, so you can feel grounded, and feet that corkscrew action outward.
  • Hands – Check your grip. Wrists are neutral (which may mean wider for you less mobile folks). We should be able to fully squeeze and pull down.
  • Back – Get it placed properly and feel that tension in the back that holds the bar in place throughout. Be very tuned into the tendency to lose that tension, make it a focus.

2. Control the Eccentric.

  • Bouncing is “fine” when done properly. Slamming to the ground and grinding back up is not using the bounce.
  • Be aware of loss of tension in the bottom position and do not let it occur ever!

3. Knees Out.

  • On the eccentric as well as the concentric. This will tie into finding the correct squat stance, but a large part of the problem for folks with their knees crashing in, is they’re not paying attention on the way down.

4. Don’t Fight for Your 5R Sets.

  • 5R sets shouldn’t be a “grind” to the point where a lot of you take it. Challenge, but don’t fight. 

5. Belts should not be used below 80-85%.

  • If you feel the need to wear one, let your coach in on why. It is not normal or effective to need to squat at percentages below that. 

Strength Speed: Snatch

Here are some points of emphasis in the upcoming months:

1. Feet, Hands, Back (shocking similarities!)

  • Feet – Remember that OHS stances are usually slightly different from standard back or front squat stance. Week 1, get comfortable with where the feet start (under the hips, toes out) to where they land (somewhere around shoulder width, HEELS FLAT)
  • Hands – Find that wider grip (bar in the hip crease) and then hook grip it. Snatch grip is more difficult in the hands, and hook grip makes it easier. It also keeps the bar closer and more secure during the turn over.
  • Back – TIGHT!  We often forget this piece of Olympic pulling. The shoulders need to be locked into place by the lats, and finding extension in the back, with a solid brace. A tight back/extension with tension in the lats on the pull, translates to a more connected catch establishing tension immediately on the upward push.

2. “Speed Through the Middle.”

  • Fluidity – once we’re at the top of the knee, we need to be quick about it. Pull and extend.

3. “Move Your Feet!”

  • Extend to the toes and shift quick. Whether power or not, get the feet shifting outward with aggressive purpose of catching the bar.

4. “Pull UNDER.”

  • Focus on pulling your body under the bar.

5. Prioritize:

  • Technique
  • Speed
  • Power/Strength

You simply cannot get better without understanding and practice at successful weights.


In September, we will be returning back to the following Personal Progress Benchmarks (PPBs).

Aerobic Power 2:
10:1 Burpees
100m Run

The strategy here is to go and not hold back. Get into a steady breathing pattern on your burpees, don’t hold your breathe and make sure you’re taking in as much oxygen as you can on your runs.

Aerobic Power 3:
500m Row

5/s Front Rack Reverse Lunges (115#/75#)
6/3 Pull-Ups

300m Run

15 RKB Swings (53#/35#)
15 BW Squats

800m Run

The strategy here is to ensure that you don’t fly and die on the 500m row out of the gates. Your legs will need to be able to operate, so keep things steady and ensure you have enough in tank to empty it on the closing 800m run.

Make sure to continue to use the app so that you can log and track progress.


Tuesday, 9.4.18

First, for Strength.
5 Back Squats @ 60-80%
8 Tempo (3131) DB Side Raises
*every 4’ for 20’ (x5)

Then, for Conditioning.
w/a partner
A: 5 Hang Power Cleans
6 Plyo Skaters
150m Run
B: Rest