TUES: Recapping Coach Academy 2.0

This past weekend was a remarkable experience that we had with all of our coaching students. It was 22 hours of focused development and realizations, and I don’t imagine there was a person in the room who didn’t leave a better coach. Including (especially) myself and all of our instructors.

I try to articulate to people what makes this experience unique, and truth be told, I have a hard time putting it into words even to people who get coaching. We think of the experience of coaching as “I write something on paper and put you through the workout” but ultimately, that’s such an injustice to what we can accomplish as coaches. What I’m beginning to realize is that this weekend carries with it a macro need fulfillment that must be accompanied with all the micro daily experiences we have as a coach.

What are we doing today, and how are we getting there tomorrow?

Our pursuit to better understand the science of coaching continues, and was our motivation was only strengthened by our experience with participants this past weekend. A sincere thank you to all participants for allowing us another learning opportunity to become a better gym.

To our members, thank you for allowing us the chance to come together, better our team, and improve what we offer to you here daily.


Tuesday, 6.19.18

First, for Strength.
5/s OH Split Squats
15″ MB Pec Squeeze
Complete 1 set every 4 min. for 16 min.

Then, for Structure.
6 Chin-Ups
5/s Pistols
10 Lateral Delt Raises
Complete 3 rounds in 12 minutes.

Finish: 750m Row