TUES: P360 Thanksgiving Food Drive

From now until this Monday, the 20th, we’ll be hosting a Thanksgiving food drive to benefit our local San Diego Food Bank.

At all three gyms we will have drop areas for you to bring by whatever you can, and next Tuesday, we’ll load everything up and drive it over to their warehouse.

  • Gym Goal: 500 Pounds!

Here is a list of foods that are most in need on an annual basis. We couldn’t locate a Thanksgiving specific list, so if anyone can and wants to share it, email it on over to us.

When you drop your food off, snap a pic of it, post it to your IG story tagging us, and we’ll do our best to re-share them all in hopes of using your efforts to inspire more community donations.

Thank you in advance for  helping.

-The Team

Tuesday, 11.13.18

First. For Strength.
5 Front Squats @ 75%
5/s Slow HEAVY DB Pull Through
*Complete 1 set ever 4′ for 20′

Then. For Conditioning
20 Rope Slams
10 Staggered Stance RKBS
8 Sprinter Crunches
6 Plyo Lunge Jumps
100m Row Sprint