TUES: Now is Better Than Perfect

General Patton once said that a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

So many of you out there have great intentions that are slowed by self doubt, and great ideas that are crippled by the false idea that for an idea to be successful, it must be perfect.

We are nearly eight years into the gym and I can tell you plainly that I am not “perfectly” satisfied with our operation. I seek to improve many areas of it, in fact. Starting our Coach Academy was terrifying. Still is, and is an ongoing work in progress. If Pritz and I waited for perfect we’d never roll out a thing.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to start your fitness goals, correct your eating habits, open your business, or pursue your creativity. Just grab a pen and pad, and start doing the fucking thing. You’ll succeed or you won’t, and I promise you that failure isn’t that scary (ahem, Dirty Fork and others). In fact, failure it’s far better than the agonizing purgatory of waiting for perfect.

Go forth.


Tuesday, 9.18.18

First, for Structure.
SB Lunges
Ring Dips
BB Ab Roll Outs

Then, for Conditioning.
Wall Balls
Ring Rows
Plate Flutter Kicks (per side)
Lunge Jumps
Row Cals