TUES: Mic’d Up — Coach Mark

We like to have some fun and show the hustle of coaching from time to time with our Coaches. It’s always great to observe a Coach and the dynamic they have with their class, and even better if you can capture a few gems on there, coaching or comedic.

Today, we popped in on Coach Mark’s 11am, mic’d him up, and off he went.

Maybe you pick up a cue from it, maybe it’s an entertaining 60 seconds, or maybe you develop just a little more understanding and appreciation for the hard work of a Coach.

Either way, enjoy Coach Mark at work in his craft.

-The Team

Tuesday, 2.19.19

First, for Strength.
5 Jerks @ 50-75%
10 Slow Plate Flutter Kicks
Complete 1 set every 4′ for 20′

Then, for Personal Progress Benchmark.
Aerobic Power 2
10:1 Burpees
100m Run

PHASE 1: No tests offered today