#28: Spring Coach Academy

This month on the P360 Podcast we sit down to discuss important gym happenings and the upcoming training cycle.


1. Recapping April PPB testing and Members of the Month.
2. Update on the new Tracking App
3. What to expect in May’s new training cycle: Snatch work & Squats.
4. May’s PPB’s
5. P360 Staff Update & What’s Happening at OB
6. P360 Charity Bowling Tournament
7. P360 May Level 1 Coach’s Academy

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-The Team

Tuesday, 5.8.18

First. For Structure.
1 Heavy Rope Pull
30-60” Rest
100m Sprint
30-60” Rest
*Complete 4 Rounds in 20’

Then, For Conditioning.
5 RKBS + 5 Goblet Squats
10 Plank Plate Up/Downs
3/s Side Lunges
30 Flutter Kicks
300m Run