TUES: Loose Grip and More Tuesday Tips

Here are a few things to look for today in order to make your workout more productive.

Pistol Squats: “Slow Down”
Control your descent. It’s “easy” to get a pistol squat by using speed in the descent to help you with the ascent like a slingshot effect. Don’t do that. You’ll just be bypassing the working muscles. Slow and controlled, or not at all. This is especially true if using the assisted bands.

Row Pyramid: “Loose Grip”
Think about a loose grip with your hands. Oversqueezing the handle will result in fatigued grip and forearms right out of the gates. Your fingers are just the hooks. Your back and shoulders should do most of the work here.

-The Team

Tuesday, 4.23.19

DB Floor Press
Russian KB Swings
Goblet Curls
Pistol Squats
(x20’ Cap)

Then. In Teams of 3
Row Pyramid