TUES: Last Call for Early Bird Enrollment // June Coaches Academy

-Our website was having some posting issues over the weekend, and our Monday post was only on the home page and not “Today’s Training.” In case you missed it, we linked to our friends at One More Wave for those who wished to join us in making a donation to aid in local veteran therapy and rehabilitation.

-Friday will close the books on Early Bird Enrollment for our upcoming June Coaches Academy. We’re also 76% sold out and fully anticipate a full house, so if you are planning on registering and are a procrastinator like me, get on it.

Here’s a snapshot of the participants’ review of our first sold out weekend last November:

We have brand new material, and have consolidated our previous three day weekend into two days in order to test efficiency and methodology. If you’re a coach or aspiring to be one, you will not want to miss this.


Tuesday, 5.29.18

Retesting Week 1 Aerobic Power 4 PPB

For PPB Aerobic Power 4:
12 HPC and Jerk (95#/65#)
100m Run

25-20-15 OH KBS (44#/26#)
14-10-5 Push-Ups
100m Run

50 Goblet Squats (44#/26#)