TUES: How to Get Back Into the Gym After a Break

The gym becomes a secondary, sometimes third or fourth priority for a lot of us due to a number of reasons. Maybe you went on vacation, or took a long work trip, or maybe your family or personal life pulled you in too many different directions to have any real consistency in the gym.

That’s okay.

That’s called being a human.

Many folks struggle in getting back into a routine because they aim for the summit. The key is to start slow. Set your goal to attend twice per week. Remove all of the pressure of having to workout every single day, and set a goal you know you can reach.

The next week, shoot for three times per week.

By the third or fourth week, you should start to you feel like your regular old self again mentally, and be back on the right track towards your usual consistency.


Tuesday, 4.16.19

First. 15’ EMOM
1. 5 Pull-Ups + 6 Lunge Jumps
2. 12 MB Slams
3. 12 Sprinter Crunches + Agility Ladder

Then. For Conditioning.
800m Row
800m Run