TUES: How to Evaluate Week 6 Re-Tests

As a quick reminder, we are in open enrollment for our upcoming BLOCK 3 6-Week Nutrition Revival. If you have any performance or physique goals, make sure you’re part of the program.

As we know by now, week six is the close of our 2019 cycles and in this week, we have opportunities to come face to face with our progress. But what is “progress?” What does that even mean within the gym context?

First, let’s talk quality. Most assume that it means that better in an absolute sense, as in, you lifted more weight than you had prior. While true, load is typically the most tangible measurable of improvement it is by no means the singular parameter that we can use to assess our six week development.

  • How confident are you in the movement after six weeks?
  • Do you no longer fear this movement?
  • Has your positioning improved?
  • Has your range of motion improved?
  • Has your knowledge around the movement improved?
  • For lifts that involve speed, are you moving your week one load faster?

Second, let’s talk quantity. The final week of a cycle typically might contain three or four opportunities to test your improvement. There will always be two lifts, a PPB, and usual a wild card of some sorts.

The objective is not to do all the things all the time. We have a physiological limit to our high end output, so choose (ideally at the beginning of the cycle) what you most want to improve and plan for that to occur at the week six mark. One or two focused efforts is much better than four average efforts.

Or, in the words of Ron Swanson, “Always whole ass one thing.”

You might notice your coaches typically follow this approach, as well.

Remember, you have much more to your gym life cycle than six measly weeks. We aren’t trying to end world hunger within that time frame, we’re just trying to take a tiny step forward.

As you enter this week of re-tests, take notice of where those tiny steps occur.


Tuesday, 3.26.19

First. For Strength.
Take 25’ to find a Jerk 3 rep max
Complete 1 set every 4’ of 3 reps @85%

Then. For Personal Progress Benchmark.
Aerobic Power 2
100m Run
*Track Time*

PHASE 1: Goblet Squat Test (Everyone)