How Stress Impairs Your Digestion

Ever seen your dog begin drooling when you sit down to eat a nice steak? Or more realistic, has your caveman ass ever starting to salivate yourself when you know something delicious is on its way to your table?

Of course you have, you barbarian.

Before you worry that you’re a grotesque neanderthal, there’s a very real reason this occurs. That saliva sends a signal to our body to begin prepping the stomach for food, meaning the process of food digestion actually begins in our brain, not our stomach.

More specifically, digestion begins in our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS has two branches, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The SNS is our “fight or flight” mechanism which will shut down our digestion and appetite in periods of stress. Ever had a bad break up? Been morning the death of a loved one? You have likely experienced the effects of the SNS on your appetite, aka, “The Breakup Diet.”

If we live a life that places us under chronic stress, we will always face digestion and food absorption issues because our SNS is constantly taking over.

If you have trouble losing weight or putting on muscle, do not overlook the stress levels of your day to day existence. If you have a demanding work schedule, kids at home, relationship issues, or are just a generally anxious person, you may want to look into ways to counter that daily stress through meditation, yoga, or some form of deliberate time spent in your PNS prior to your meals.

Calories and macros are important. Getting the basics of your lifestyle in check before that is even more important.

De-stress and your digestion, food absorption, and body composition goals will likely improve immediately. Not to mention that pesky thing called health.


Tuesday, 1.22.19

First, for Quality.
BB Rows
SB Squats
Tempo Plate Flutter Kicks (3131)
*16’ Cap*

Then. For Conditioning
8 Push Jerks
8 Goblet Lunges Jumps
300m Run
For Time.

PHASE 1: No tests offered today.
ADVANCED: “Mr. Pink”