TUES: High Volume Workout Tips

Today’s workout is a high volume partner workout where you’re chipping away at a total amount of work between the two of you. The natural inclination will be to go as fast as possible (as it should), but there are a few particular instances we want to be especially mindful of our technique.

Pistol Squats  and Lunges — Don’t crash in the eccentric. This is a tip we’ve brought up a few times before, but it’s important to remember every time we perform single leg work.

Ring Dips — Stay internally focused with your tension. Don’t allow your chest to flare open like Clark Kent ripping his work shirt off. Internal torque focus will create more tension in the chest and less in the shoulders.

2k Row — Keep a straight chain and keep your chest up. Don’t roll forward in a fatigue state.

Flutter Kicks — Drive the low back aggressively into the floor so that your abs stay engaged and your low back doesn’t take over.

Today will be fun. Work hard and get through as much as you can.

-The Team

Tuesday, 4.30.19

In a Team of 2 Complete:
2k Row
100 Bicep Curls
50 Pistol Squats
100 Rollouts
1k Run
100 Ring Dips
100 DB Walking Lunges
100 Plate Flutter Kicks
500m SB/MB Carry