TUES: Habits, Not Motivation

I am glad to see that the current idea that motivation is the driving force behind success take a bit of a downturn when it comes to the coaching world. I’ve never been a particularly motivated individual when it comes to the gym, and I don’t believe that most people who get success in the gym are necessarily “highly motivated.”

I think they’re excellent habit creators.

Folks who spend regular, productive time in the gym are likely very routine-oriented elsewhere in their life. Form a routine, form habit, form progress. Nowhere in that picture does motivation need to exist.  In fact, motivation can be quite low yet progress can still persist because behavioral habits are a damn hard thing to break.

Of course, any hard working person that combines motivation with habit (Coaches Brenna) is going to get next level results. The idea here is that we shouldn’t be selling that 1% combination, we should be selling progress, improvement, and healthy movement. On that end, don’t worry about being motivated. Worry about forming habit.


Tuesday, 5.15.18

First. For Structure
50m SandBag Carry
6 3131 Tempo Rear Delt Raises
*Every 4’ for 16’*

Then. For Conditioning
6 Pull-Ups
3/s DB Cossack Squat
10 High Plank Kickouts
50m Front Rack Carry
200m Run