TUES: Glass Half Fixed or Half Variable?

There are two different points of view when it comes to evaluating intelligence.

If you believe that intelligence is fixed, that like eye color, we have what we’re born with and we cannot do anything about it you would be an entity theorist. If you believe that intelligence is variable, that it has an evolving capacity for growth just like strength (like Daniel Pink suggests), then you would be an incremental theorist. It, like any other ability can be developed over time in increments.

At the risk of oversimplifying, one is a positive mindset that believes we are in control and the other is a cynical belief that says there’s nothing we can do about the hand that we’re dealt.

When it comes to goals, this is quite relevant. Those who believe that intelligence is fixed tend to believe that other areas are relatively fixed as well, and typically set very low end goals that allow them to exist in a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. They would choose tasks that only cater to their predisposition of how they view their ability (high or low), thus, would remain in that ability state indefinitely.

However, those who believe they can improve would tend to set loftier goals in the pursuit of improvement, fully embracing the many failures they would encounter along the way. They would not see failure as an assignment of blame, rather an inevitability on the way to growth.

With those who are incremental theorists, failed effort is positive. Effort is a step in the direction of improvement and ultimately, mastery. Failure is an inevitable setback along the way and not an occurrence of, “I told you so.” For entity theorists, failure is because they didn’t get enough sleep, or the question was too difficult, or the other candidate was better.

Mindset is everything. Our behaviors follow the map our mind has laid out. Decide ahead of time that your road is going to be insurmountable (or not), and it will be.

I ask you. Is your glass half fixed? Or half variable?


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Tuesday, 6.26.18

First, for Strength.
5 Strict Press
10 Hollow Rocks
Complete 4 Rounds in 16 Minutes.

First, for PPB Re-Test.
Strength Endurance 2
5′ RKB Swings (62#/44#)

Recover 8′

20 Push-Ups ASLAP