THURS: Find Your Soapbox

You all know the guy on the corner soapbox. He’s up there with his megaphone, spewing his rhetoric about The Man and how he’s holding us down. He gets your attention for a brief moment but you quickly realize he’s just babbling incoherently.

Soapboxes are good. They proclaim who we are and we’re about to our surrounding world, and open the door for connection to those in it. Thing is, most of us do it all wrong.

In our internal coaching communication, I talk about having a soapbox. As coaches, each of us have one. In fact, every coach we have here was hired on some degree because of theirs and the ones who have been around long enough, you all know their brand. I like people with soapboxes because it means they’re passionate and unafraid of self.

However, a personal soap box can go south fast if it’s like the guy with the megaphone. You can’t just scream in people’s faces and tell them they are going to hell for wearing yoga pants. It needs to be subtle and delivered with tact. It needs to be palatable, something in which the listener can be drawn in on and be persuaded gently on their own, not by blunt force trauma to the head.

While we use this analogy in our coaching dialogue, I believe it can be incredibly persuasive for you to tap into it regardless of what you do for a living. Your soapbox is your why, or if you don’t have one, it’s your defining strength, your character, or your beliefs. It’s what makes people take notice of you. It’s different for all of us, but we are all uniquely driven by something that causes us to be successful, and caused all of our current coaches to be magnetic enough to hire.

What fires you up? What motivates you? While it won’t be the same for everyone, chances are very high that it will be more universal than you think.

Tap into it. Let your personal and professional circle see it. It won’t be for everyone, but that’s okay and kind of the idea. Make it palatable, make it something people can join and not just listen to, and you might find your surrounding opportunities grow. 

From there, well, that’s your thing.


Thursday, 5.3.18

First, for Structure.
1 Heavy Rope Pull + Heavy Return Drag
Complete 1 set every 5 min. for 20 min.

Then, for Conditioning.
w/a Pal 

100m Run
10 Burpees
200m Run
20 Goblet Curtsy Lunges
300m Run
30 Hollow Rocks
400m Run
40 Renegade Rows
**Run 500m Together**
(20’ Cap)