TUES: Feedback Isn’t Competition 

I’ve had the joy of coaching nearly every kind of person over seven plus years, here. Most I greatly enjoy. A handful I’ve found no real way to like. I’m sure that percentage can be reversed upon me, as well.

There are very few truths that I’ve learned, and among them are those that fall into the latter category are typically those that, no matter what, don’t want to hear it. They might tell you they want to hear it, but when they do, if its counter to the narrative they’ve created in their head of themselves, they’ll just nod and wait til you piss off.

Tell some people they need to strip the 15s off the barbell to achieve more positive action on the hamstrings and less negative action on the lumbar, and you might as well be pantsing them in front of the class, turning down the music, and asking all of the class to point and laugh.

That’s how some of the worst novices perceive coaching.

Let me try and say one thing as clearly as possible: A coach who offers insight into how to improve your movement is not in competition with the way you see yourself. If anything, it’s in compliment to it to help you substantiate that narrative.

I’m yet to wrap my mind around the human condition that makes us non-responsive to feedback that deep down, we know will improve us, but on the surface leaves a bruise on our pride. Most of us are guilty. I know I am. I firmly believe that most people who round their back on a deadlift know it’s the right thing to do when coaches instruct to reduce load, but there are still those that take it as punishment, not progression.

If this entry seems harsh or that it might be directed at you, I’m okay with that if it means you might be forced to confront the fact that a warped view on feedback might be in the way of personal growth.

The point I am trying to make is: We just want to see you do it right. We’re not competing with you .


Tuesday, 6.12.18

First, As Heavy As Possible.
10×10 RKB Swings
60″ rest between sets

Then, As Fast As Possible.
1 Barbell Complex
100m Run