TUES: The Importance of Competition

It’s no secret that our culture is not one primarily centered around competition under a micro lens, that is the daily execution of you versus your class. Those of you who’ve been around know that essential spirit of our gym dates as far back as 2011 when we opened, and likely will not ever change. That said, we do dip our toe into the micro bouts of competing, because at the heart of competition lies two very real dividends.

  1. Self Improvement
  2. Self Confidence

Both, so long as you’re self-aware enough to realize the opportunity in front of you.

Completing a work prescription for time will always lead to the individual going harder and more intense than not (which is always why it has its real drawbacks). We know that intensity directly increases stimulus, and stimulus yields adaptation (however, like any stimulus its efficacy is in the dose). So, we know that competition yields progress when managed properly. Knowing and programming that, nothing makes me want to slam my head against the wall more then someone finishes and says they have no idea what their time was or that they didn’t track, or when they work so hard for 12 minutes only to walk through the door on the last fifty feet and punt the entire thing.

If you listen to all other coaching days and parts of the workout, why on these days is the workout prep ignored? When the days calls for back squats, we don’t see anyone grab a barbell and go do jerks. So what gives? Why is that any different?

I can only imagine it’s a subconscious act of rebellion out of fear for what you’ll realize you might discover. That you’re “slow” or that you came in last. Or that you’re not as fast as Bill or Nancy. When in reality, the focus should be all about the ways you’re excelling against your former self.

Guys, hear this. The metaphorical Bills and Nancy’s are  most certainly not what competition is there for there. And I can understand the mixed message that might send, when some workouts get posted on the website, but if we are to get the most out of fitness, we must understand the real personal benefits of a competitive mindset, whether it’s in a spirited challenge against others or self.

Proactive ambivalence only cheats your progress.

When we compete, we are forced to prepare. We love being a place that you can roll into without much thought and roll out sixty minutes later improved. However, that’s a bit of an addiction to our process and not your own. Competition forces you to have to be aware of what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and why you’re doing it. It exposes personal weakness, as well as personal strengths. You’ll leave a competitive workout much more in-tune with aspects of your physical fitness, both where you are inhibited and where you are capable.

The common denominator for every day in the gym is personal betterment, regardless of training format and a competitive workout is absolutely no different. Friendly micro competition alongside peers reveals progress in it’s most honest form.

Always track. Always benchmark. Always measure. What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get achieved.

Are you winning in the competition against your former self? Or does your present self throw up the white flag.


Tuesday, 12.26.17

First, 10’ EMOM
1 Clean and Jerk @ 75%

Then, for Conditioning.
5/s Plyo Skaters
6 Ring Dips
100m Row
(x11 Min)

To Finish:
Max Push-Ups
Max BW Squats
(x5 Min)