TUES: Be #Basic

There’s typical a cycle to any form of result, regardless of the pursuit. Throw out the fact we’re a gym and you can likely transfer this cycle to your career, or any other personal endeavor.

At first, you follow the basics to very real success. You follow 101 course material and you get straight A’s.

Then, somewhere along the way you decide that you’re too advanced for the basics, so you start endlessly tweaking things in the pursuit of refinement. You go deeper into technical how-to, and you tweak and you tweak. The basics become a speck in your rear view, and you wake up feeling lost in the PhD doctoral program. This is the person who fixes a four days a week plateau at the gym with seven. Who fixes a weight loss plateau with less calories.

At this point, most quit and chalk it up to tapping out their potential. The savvy folks take a moment for introspection and think back to what delivered the results and moved the needle. The savvy folks revert back to the basics and your journey gets back on track.

It’s very easy to think that you need more, and that more is different enough to get you better. It isn’t. The basics work. Stick to them indefinitely and your progress will follow suit.


Tuesday, 8.21.18

First. For Structure
5/s Landmine RDL
60m KB Front Rack Carry
*Complete 4 Rds in 16’

Then. w/a bud, You-Me Pace
150m Run
150m Run
5/s TGU Sit-Up + 10 V-Ups
150m Run
5/s SA Curl and Press + 6 Lunge Jumps
30” Weighted Plank