TUES: April Programming Prep

You know how Chip Gaines loves demo day? No? That’s just me? Cool. Well he does. And I love Programming Prep day. There is something incredibly invigorating about a new monthly cycle and a fresh slate. Let’s dive into some of the specifics for the month so you can hit the ground running, and with a plan of attack.

Daily Focus:

Monday – Varied
Tuesday – Clean & Jerks
Wednesday – Varied
Thursday – Lunges/Single Leg
Friday – Structure

In case you missed the March post on unilateral training, I highly suggest you give it a read prior to the start of this month so we can all embrace Thursday as we would any other barbell day.

April PPBs

A reminder that in each month, it is not expected that you focus on all three PPBs. It’s technically doable from a stress perspective, but it is not ideal. The better scenario is that you look at what they are, and aim for two areas of improvement. If you routinely see little to no progress in your PPBs, it is very likely a result of training too often and not allowing enough return to homeostasis.

Aerobic Capacity 2: Long range aerobic sustainability and endurance
Aerobic Power 1: Mid to long range aerobic sustainability
Strength Endurance 1: Lower body strength endurance and development

Coach J’s Technique Tips:

Clean & Jerks

Hang Position
-Make sure to descend all the way to above the knee. This will help create more power and a more efficient movement.
-Do not pause at the knee! When you do you cut off all power developed by that long descent.

Full – From the Floor
-Begin with the bar over the midfoot, not against the shins. This will allow proper bar bath as you lift off.

When performing the jerk after the clean, you will likely need to adjust your grip outward a bit in between the clean and the jerk.

Barbell Lunges

-Upright chest, make sure the back and lats are actively engaged.
-For better balance, make sure to stride at 11 and 1 o’clock. Avoid straight ahead 12 o’clock.
-Drive back with your heel, not your toe. This will engage the posterior chain better.

That’s a wrap, guys. Look for the April podcast to drop later this week for some more in-depth discussion on everything going on.


Tuesday, 4.3.18

First, for Strength.
2 Hang Power Clean + 2 Jerks
Complete 1 set every 4 minutes
for 20 minutes.

Then, for Conditioning.
A/B/C Rope Rotation
A: 20 Waves + 5 Slams (x3)
B: 20 Seated Russian Twist Slams
C: 10 Hollow Rock Press
100m Row
100m Run
(x12 Min)