We were excited to announce the addition of PRIMAL in OB this month, and we thought we’d take it a step further and re-introduce it properly to PB, as well.

As a gym that stresses the importance of strength training, we are often unfairly pegged as place that “only cares about getting as strong as possible.” It’s funny, gyms that actually focus on that would laugh at that assertion towards us, but nonetheless, we can often be at the mercy of poor optics when it comes to others judging our training and making false assumptions.

Maybe you’re a member who doesn’t love how the barbell treats you?

Maybe you don’t enjoy having to learn technical movements?

Maybe you enjoy a longer, tougher endurance challenge?

Or maybe, you just enjoy a good sweat and high intensity, lighter weight workouts are more your speed?

If that’s you, we support your preferences and your goals. While PRIMAL has existed in many iterations for the past six years, we are most proud of the current version today.

Pop in for a class if you’ve never tried it. Tell your friends who might be intimidated by the PSC classes.

You won’t be disappointed.

-The Team

Tuesday, 4.2.19

First. 14’ EMOM
Odds: 5/s DB Snatch + 10 Lateral Hops
Evens: 100m Run ~80% + 10 Hollow Rocks

Then. For Personal Progress Benchmark (PPB)
Strength Endurance 5: 5’ Row
Record Distance