TUES: A Look Ahead in 2018

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday connecting with friends and families. If you are like us, you’re becoming increasingly charged to explore new heights in 2018 and a bit anxious in your readiness to close the book on holiday complacency.

2017 was such an amazing year at Performance360. Thank you all so very much for making it without questions our best and most rewarding year in seven by nearly every measurable. An end result is only a reflection of the quality ingredients that go into the process, and we have you alone to thank for it.

Rather than list off a lengthy year in review, we would rather keep our focus on what lies ahead, not what’s behind us, and we’d like to tell you how obsessively committed we are to your 2018 experience, here. There’s a lot that we have in store for everyone this year, and our continued focus will be on how we can improve your experience, elevate our value to you, improve areas that demand it, and help you do great things in the new year.

Here’s just some of what’s going on.

An Understanding of Where We Are, and Where We Are Going

At seven years in, we have developed a ceratain level of awareness for where we are, where we want to go, and where we should go. The last part being the key, since marrying all three of those is difficult, and often, the decision for where the gym should go is not directed by its potential benefits, but in terms of its costs on the overall membership experience.

In December, an intentional decision was made to proactively manage growth in 2018 so that the experience moving forward would sure to remain both a high quality one, and a stable one for all who are here.

While we will always pursue new challenges and avenues to expand our message and share our philosophy, it will never supersede our primary purpose: to deliver our best gym experience possible to you all.

This theme will be at the forefront of all that we do in 2018.

Improved Cohesiveness

Long an area where we’ve done an uninspiring job, we are excited to continue the improvement in class organization and flow that we introduced in December, in the spirit of enhanced community and togetherness.

When training is tightly organized, we’re together. And when we’re together, we get more out of what we would otherwise achieve alone.

New Personal Progress Benchmarks (PPBs)

We have historically done a lackluster job at providing folks an avenue to track varied progress. We always suggest you not measure your progress only by what’s on your barbell, but we haven’t really created opportunities where our advice has been.

So, this year we will be rolling out a list of benchmarks intended for all levels, scaled as needed, for you to measure your improvements. They can be viewed, here.

Each month, we will include two to three that will be dosed into the programming during the first and last week so we can hopefully see a clear cut level of development that occurs.

No leaderboard. No jockeying for position. Just personal progress.

Personal performance is incredibly important. It’s what drives body composition changes, enhances athleticism, and takes the lid off our of perceived capabilities, which then spills over into confidence in everyday life.

In 2018, we encourage you to let that in.

Daily Challenge Gets a New Name Tag:
“Progressive Strength and Conditioning” (PSC)

Overall, in the past few years we’ve encouraged you to do more than simply challenge yourself. Challenge alone is a good start, but we need more. We have to focus on progress and advancing forward if we are to get better.

Over the past few years, we’ve re-tooled the structure of the DC to shift the focus a bit further away from random and more towards intentional. We tossed in a little monthly structure, added a library of tools to class, throttled back on throwing everyone into the fire upon joining, and we added gradual stages of one’s development, as well as in-class opportunities to continue to elevate. We’ve added tangible benchmarks and progress markers, and all in all, a more thoughtful product of what gets written on the whiteboard while keeping the soul of what makes us Performance360.

Accordingly, in 2018, the DC will get a new name tag that better reflects what it is we seek to provide you: PSC (Progressive Strength and Conditioning).

  • Progressive – Forward thinking. Development in gradual phases.
  • Strength – Placing “go” above “show”. With physical strength comes personal conviction we can become more in life.
  • Conditioning – The ability to be prepared for a variety of fitness tasks.

No frills or gimmicks.

Changing the name of the class was a terribly nerve racking decision. Not because we didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the new name tag, but because we are aware that change signifies overhaul to some, and the last message we want to send or are doing is re-vamping.

On the contrary.

PSC classes will continue to bear the torch started by DCs. Nothing changes about this class philosophy whatsoever. We simply feel this is a more accurate representation of the spirit of the class, where it’s evolved since 2011, and where the training will continue to forge. This name helps us better communicate that message.

Coach’s Continuing Knowledge Acquisition

2017 was a record year as far as dollars spent on continuing education, seminars attended by the staff, and new certifications obtained. We took major leaps forward in the attempted mastery of our craft, and it’s done nothing but create an ever more dire thirst to become better as a coaching unit.

Endeavors each of your coaches will undertake in 2018 include but are not limited to:

  • A tiered internal coaching classification system, each level requiring a longer service period, as well as hours spent coaching on the floor. To advance, projects and practicals demonstrating aptitude in all areas of coaching must be shown. 
  • Increased compensation to more accurately reflect the quality of the coaching staff and the expectation that goes along with it. We are now leading the industry in this arena, and it’s something of which we are very proud. 
  • Personal stipend to encourage attendance of outside education. Putting our money where are mouths are. Literally. 
  • Sunday Coach’s Labs where we get together, share information, ideas and help each other learn.

We take great pride in setting the industry standard for collective staff knowledge and work ethic to constantly obtain it, and we believe you will feel that more than ever in 2018.

We’ve never taken our foot off the throttle and we damn sure won’t make this the year we do so. Thanks for being apart of our community in 2017, and we hope that 2018 is your best year at this gym yet. Thank you all for allowing us to do what we love, and thank you for another year of validating our purpose.


Tuesday, 1.2.18

First, for Strength.
5 Hang Power Snatch @ 60-75%
Max Banded Hollow Hold
Complete 1 set every 4 minutes for 16 minutes.

Then, for Conditioning.
Complete “Triathlon” for PPB.
500m Row
500m Run
20 Burpees