TUES: A Greater Focus on Nutrition

Nutrition is a beast we’ve tried to tame for years. Nothing is more important to our health and fitness results, yet nothing elicits less interest in actually doing it properly.

It’s completely understandable. With so many choices of diets, it’s easy to make your head spin.

In house, we’ve tried a ton of different methods for effective and consistent nutrition information, and every one that we’ve tried has either been met with middling effort by participants (challenges) or burnout and overwork for the coach (Lenny’s Clean Slate).

We took a good, hard look at how we can deliver it, realistically and with sustainability. We went back to the drawing board and decided to not make nutrition a side show, but a main act in 2019.

Here is some of what lies ahead from our team.

*More Ceritfied Coaches – We will have at least three coaches on our staff in 2019 that are Certified Nutrition Coaches. This means easier access to good info, and more knowledgeable allies for your goals.

*More Free Content – We made nutrition a big piece of our continuing education pie, and with that will come more free resources, articles, and access to information that’s easy to implement.

*BecomeMore Nutrition Systems eBook – Over the last month, we’ve been working diligently to provide you all a free resource that’s both easy to consume yet also contains all that you need to be successful in a non-dogmatic approach. We’re unbelievably excited to get this in your hands next Monday.

*BecomeMore Nutrition Systems Group Coaching – For those who want to take the free resources a step further and outsource their accountability and education, we’ll be offering 11-Week Group Coaching Blocks that take students through a step by step process of education and adherence.

*Thursday Nutrition Class – Part of our Group Coaching package, we will finally be making the big decision of giving nutrition it’s own dedicated time and space to gather.

This is an area in which we’ve long underdelivered and we’re excited to change that for you in 2019. With nutrition acting as the single biggest influencer of our health, performance, and physique, our goal is to remove the complexity from nutrition and make you see not as an adversary to your lifestyle, but a compliment to your goals.


Tuesday, 12.11.18

First. For Strength.
5 Back Squats @70-80%
6/s Heavier DB Bench Row
*Every 5’ for 20’ (x4)*

Then. For Conditioning.
8 Push Jerks
8 Goblet Squats
100m Run/8 Cal Bike

PHASE 1: Goblet Squat and/or Row Test
ADVANCED: 4 @ 83%