TUES: $99 First Month Summer Special

It’s been over three years since we have run any sort of introductory special upon joining, and we’re excited to temporarily bring back the $99 price point for the first month.

Any location. Any plan.

Better yet? Refer a new member during this limited window and we’ll apply that price to your next month for all current members.

Everyone wins.

-The P360 Team

Tuesday, 7.10.18

First. For Strength.
8 Pull-Ups
5 Box Jumps (No Approach)
Complete 1 set every 3’ for 15’

Then. For Conditioning
In Teams of 4
A: 300m Row
B: 2/s TGU
C: 5/s Rotational Wall Ball Slams + 10 Toe Taps
D: 8 Paused Ring Dips + 8 Suitcase DLs