TUES: 7th Order Consequences

In his book Principles, Ray Dalio has a small section about our improper perception of goals, and the dangerous nature of how we view them tends to instantly dissuade us from pursuit.

Often, we look only at the first order consequence of a goal, that is, the immediate, first effect it has on our lives. Regardless of your goal, that first order consequence is usually loss of time, energy, and money it takes to reach it. So instantly, your goal is viewed through a negative lens and ultimately, a nuisance, not a benefit. But first does not mean primary in this context.

Dalio goes on to break down goals to the their third order of consequence. We’ll use an example of getting in shape for the first time.

  • 1st Order Consequence – Physical discomfort, time spent, money spent.
  • 2nd Order Consequence – Looking and feeling good. Improved physical ability and output.
  • 3rd Order Consequence – Increased confidence and self-approval.

Now we’re getting somewhere. In fact, the third order consequence is the conversation entry point for the purpose of our gym and why we hope to attract people. That’s what we’re after as the starting point for our members, and I think we can and should go to further orders of consequence if we really want to get somewhere.

Confidence is great, but we must put it to use in order for its purpose to have meaning.

What happens if we keep exploring consequences with something as generic as work output or relationships?

  • 4th Order Consequence – More assertive demeanor in your professional life. Or, more happy partner in your relationship.
  • 5th Order Consequence – More success or fulfillment at work. Or, a deeper relationship with your partner. You bring more to the table in both.
  • 6th Order Consequence – Promotion, or a deeper connection and satisfaction with work. A drastically happier existence with your loved one where you are truly yourself and content.
  • 7th Order Consequence – Metamorphosis. (Become More?)

I recently saw this change of the 7th order take place in one of our members. Upon joining, he was an overweight diabetic and one year later he is down nearly forty pounds and his life, in his own words, has completely been changed. He recently brought his young son in to join, and if charting a course of health and fitness for your child is not a 7th order consequence of the highest order, I don’t know what is.

These outcomes are not crazy. 7th order consequences can be medical, personal, physical, professional, or emotional. I’ve seen them transform diabetics, aid in the recovery of eating disorders, help addicts and alcoholics, quell depression, and so much more.

I wish we could have a wall at the gym that lists 7th order consequence clubs, though I doubt that would be very catchy. A shame, because that’s where the real meat exists. I mean who really gives a fuck about a barbell club? It’s obviously very special and representative of growth, but what are you using that new growth for? If you’re obtaining it just to hoard it, you’re missing the real opportunity we have with fitness.

Genuine life change.

Are your goals in line with deeper orders of consequence? Are your goals serving you? Or are they more superficial, and ultimately void of any impact? If its the latter, I’d suggest you examine why that is and explore your actual purpose with fitness.

You have an amazing opportunity.


Tuesday, 1.9.18

First, for Strength.
5/s FTF Front Rack Forward Lunges
10 Side Raises
Max Banded Hollow Hold
Perform 1 set every 4 minutes for 16 minutes.

Then, for Conditioning.
Complete w/ a pal.
A: 200m Run
B: Rotate Each Round Performing Max Reps of:
-Plyo Skaters
-Farmer Hold w/ Internal Bias
-OH KB Swing