TUE: Wade’s Army Halloween Fundraiser Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Hello, Community and Friends.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Halloween Fundraiser to benefit Wade’s Army:

“Wade’s Army is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization standing arm in arm with families at the front lines of the fight against neuroblastoma.

We raise money directly for children and parents affected by childhood cancer, while also supporting research programs and hospitals fighting to find a cure.”

For every person that comes to class in costume tomorrow (Halloween), P360 will donate $10 to Wade’s Army. Let’s see a huge turnout for a great cause. Open to members and non-members alike. All day. All night.


Tuesday, 10.30.18

First, for Structure.
Max Push Ups + 1 Rope Pull AFAP
Max SB Squats + Max Distance Carry + Max SB Squats + Max Carry
*AMRAP in 25’*

Then, for Conditioning
12-10-8-6-4 (total reps)
Staggered RKBS
Sprinter Crunches
Plyo Lunge Jumps
100m Run