TUE: Upward at the Cost of Forward?

Largely, we’re sold a hazardous notion of success. Too often we’re told that success means a higher rung on the ladder, which in turn might persuade those not suited for it to chase higher up ambitions that don’t need to exist.

What I mean is, in reality, there is plenty of success and enrichment to be found in what we’re doing rather than chasing what we’re not, so when I say “not suited”, it’s not a shot on the ability to move upward so much as I am questioning the actual need to for some.

After all, upward is relative. If you’re relatively happy where you are, the focus should not be upward. It should be forward.

Placed into the context of a career, I’ll use the obvious example of a coach. It’s not a position that is often aligned for vertical growth. After all, most coaches that I know are in love with the career and would never leave it so long as it remains fulfilling. Coaches wish to coach, and they don’t often need or want a next step upward. They do, however, aspire to get more out of it, whether it be the enrichment of helping others, better understanding of the craft, continuously expanding their knowledge base, or more financial security.

They aspire to move forward.

If a coach cannot move forward in their current environment, they might be forced to look upward in hopes of finding it, when in reality, upward might not be the place for them at all. Upward might be a complete misalignment of values, goals, and aspirations. It might require duties they don’t enjoy, politics, and other notions of management they might hate.

Is that really growth? Is that really success?

Placed into the context of your fitness, you likely have heard your coaches talking about “positional PRs”, where the load on the barbell doesn’t go up, but the ease, confidence and postural awareness of how you move it does. You’re squatting lower, your torso is more rigid, you’re able to better engage your lats through improved thoracic mobility. All ways that you move forward without necessarily moving upward.

Can we not take both examples as a metaphor for our passions, career, relationships, and the like?

The world can’t be possibly shaped to continuously force our focus only upward, and diminish forward progress, can it? Wouldn’t we all go mad if we couldn’t put down roots in the place we actually exist, always seeking a better place to lie our heads?

The best cultures are those who constantly expose people to forward growth, not just upward.

Look around the room. Do those opportunities exist for you?


Tuesday, 7.3.18

First. For Strength.
5 Front Squats
5 5″ Negative Bicep Curls
Complete 1 set every 4’ for 20’

Then For Conditioning
w/a Pal
A1: 3/s DB Rev. Lunge + 3/s Renegade Row + 100m Run (Heavy)
A2: 3/s Low Plank Hip Drops + 20 OH Plate Flutter Kicks + 6 Cal Bike
B: Rest