TUE: “Garbage Volume”

I saw Jason Archibald talking about the concept of garbage volume the other day, and that term stood out to me as exceptional. In two words, it conveyed exactly what mindless, careless high reps equate to be for us: garbage.

It’s very easy to see days with lots of reps on the board and think that it’s a huge opportunity for challenge. But what might not be as easy is to enter those workouts with a critical emphasis on quality movement, not speed.

Perfect reps are the prerequisite to move quickly. If you cannot move perfectly, you have not earned moving quickly.

How you move without load is how you’ll move under load. This is why we very, very rarely program anything over ten reps, in any capacity. Of course, there are chipper days where the reps descend and push volume, lactic tolerance, and intermediate muscle endurance, but the foundation of our fitness here is based upon reps that yield adaptation, not fatigue.

Here’s the thing. Volume takes care of itself. You don’t need to go any faster. The mere inclusion of reps above what you’re primarily used to will create stress and drive adaptation, you don’t need to fly through it and jeopardize how you teach your body to move.

Today is an opportunity to either build quality volume that works towards all of the capacities in the paragraph above, or, it is an opportunity to take away from your position, alignment, and overall fitness value. It is binary, there is no mixture.

Choose wisely.


Tuesday, 10.16.18

10:1 Couplets

Seated Russian Rope Slams (per side)
Plyo Skaters (total)
Then, 300m Run

DB Step Ups
Heavy-ish Renegade Rows
Then, 20 Cal Bike

Goblet Curtsy Lunge
DB Side Raises
Then, 300m Row

Optional Finisher:
50 Floor Wipers