TUE: Don’t Fill Up on Bread

You take your seat, you’re eyeing up the menu and the steak you want to order. Then, the bread comes out. You start inhaling it by the minute and before you know it, that main entree that you came for seems a far off distant memory.

If we’re not careful, we can do the same thing in the gym with our fitness efforts (and life, really). Never forget what drives adaptation and the physical re-composition of your body. Strength and muscle (science, not opinion). Big, compound movements. Squats, cleans, deadlifts, rows, jerks, presses, snatches and all of their iterations and different ways we can perform them.

The steak.

In reality, bread would be everything else. We’re not saying to ignore it. It’s there, it’s fulfilling. Some of it might even be the best butter coated, toasted garlic bread you’ve ever had.

Have a piece or two.

Just don’t go filling up on it and ruining the main course.


Tuesday 7.17.18

First. For Strength.
6 Pull-Ups
4 Box Jumps
*Every 3’ for 15’ (x5)

Then. For Conditioning.
w/a Pal
100m Run
10 Knees to Chest
200m Run
10 Erg Ham Curls
300m Run
10 Rotational Wall Ball Slams