Trying To Rebuild? Go Minimalist

The opportunity to be overwhelmed and discouraged is rampant right now. After all, your fitness and health routines have been thrown what I would wager to guess is the biggest curveball you’ve had to manage. Just when you get momentum in something, the target changes and remains constantly moving. So I’d like to offer up a metaphor for how we’ve focused on keeping the gym going in these times, that I think you can take and make work for you and your fitness.

We realized back in May that we were in this for the long haul, as they say. And rather than become focused with a lot of micro specifics of how we wanted our experience to go during all of this, we whittled our goals down into two simple objectives that would govern all that we did moving forward.

  1. Create a physically safe environment
  2. Create effective workouts

That’s it. No concern with deadlift PRs, Hell’s Bells times, or week over week tracking in your power clean. No rigid addiction to certain equipment, class times, or workout formats. Just safety and efficacy. Once we adopted that mindset we realized that we could pivot in absolutely any scenario while others foolishly clung to dogma. Had our list been ten things we probably would have presented you a great big mix tape of inconsistency and confusion. Sure, how we deliver workouts will likely have few more iterations to come, but the backbone of it won’t: make it safe, make it effective.

What if you adopted the same minimalist mindset for your fitness routine? For example, what if instead of trying to nail a five point diet plan and lose twenty pounds in a month, or regain your lost back squat PR, you didn’t worry about the target at all? What if you instead just focused on steps to get there? What if you decided to follow three simple governing objectives.

  1. Eat 1g of protein per day per pound of bodyweight.
  2. Drink at least 80 ounces of water. 
  3. Take 10,000 daily steps.

What if you made it your mission to just do that everyday? Couldn’t you then, in theory, be able to pivot to any situation reasonably well and have your health foundation still in tact?

Motivation begets more motivation. Healthy actions multiply like Gremlins. Having a simple set of daily tasks doesn’t preclude you from taking on more it just makes achieving what you need to more manageable. You could hit these three things and still go to the gym, go for a run, focus on getting more push-ups, any number of micro behaviors that exist within the overall macro.

Some folks love a big to do list and thrive on it. I don’t believe it to be the most successful strategy in times of crisis. As the old saying goes, less done well usually equates to more.

And hey, who wouldn’t love less to worry about in a day?


Wednesday, 7.29.20

First, for Strength:
5 Push Jerk
12 H2H Side Lunges
(x15 Min)

Then, for Conditioning:
10 Plate GTO
20 Paused MCs
10 Plyo Skaters
(x11 Min)