WARNING. To ensure a tight knit community and quality coaching, we keep our gym memberships capped at a strict 300 per location.

Step 1. Select Your Trial Class

Your first step is to declare your independence from the fitness rat race, and join us a guest in a trial class. You’ll have the hands-on help of a professional coach to help guide you through the workouts and movements, depending on your level of fitness.

After your class, you’ll have the opportunity to join Performance360 as a full-time member.

These classes are capped and fill up quickly each week.


  • Pacific Beach Location: 4515 Gresham Street 92109
    Crown Point Location: 2620 Ingraham Street 92109

Step 2: Becoming A Full Time Member

Once you’ve joined, you’ll have the following options to get started:

  • Start with a Coach: Do you prefer one-on-one attention? New members may sign up for any “Phase 1 Coaching” sessions every Monday and Thursday evening at 7:30 pm. You’ll work with one of our world class coaches in a small group setting to develop skills necessary to excel in classes. These are not required, but highly recommended if your schedule allows.
  • Start in Classes: Want to get going right away? You may start with our regular classes and follow the progression based on your specific level of fitness. Beginners have progressions specific for their safety and development, while experience athletes have progressions to take them to the next level. Everyone does a workout targeting their abilities.

Or, combine the two. Attend some classes. Attend some open coaching session. Both are designed to get you hit the ground running.

Step 3: Completing Your Phase 1 Goals

Already an experienced athlete? You may complete our 1-Day Express goals test out.

Are you new to this? Think of your first few weeks in the gym like your first few weeks on a new job. You wouldn’t shoot for CEO right away, would you? You’d want to be sure you were doing things right and setting yourself up for long-term success, right?

Once you’re comfortable, your first objective will be to complete your Phase 1 Goals provided to you upon joining.

Why do they exist?

Completing these goals represents your proficiency in our base levels of movement, and readiness to take on more.

By completing five out of the seven goals and earning your Phase 1 New Athlete Certification, you’ll have achieved your first marker of success, as well as shown the necessary skills to safely and effectively participate in “All Level Training” and Specialty Classes.

There is no time requirement for when you must complete these.  It is based on your development and there is no rush.

Should you have any questions about our New Athlete Process, please email Bryan@Perform-360.com.