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No heart rate monitors here. Know this: our fitness here is rooted in achievement and reached through development, not exhaustion. We’ve doubled down on that philosophy at every step of the way, from single 1,200 square foot boathouse to now three gyms in coastal San Diego. Maybe it’s learning to lift weights, losing those twenty five pounds, getting your first pull-up, running a sub 10 minute mile, or the confidence to finally just show up. We know that a confident body inside the gym will yield a more successful human outside of it.

Anyone can make you sweat. We help you become more.

Absolutely. The overwhelming majority of our new members come from a novice background, many never having picked up a barbell ever. We are highly accommodating and welcoming to your current level of fitness and will start you appropriately. 

We are an organization of transparency, not paywalls. To see our full training every single week, go here.

We thought you’d never ask! To adapt to COVID-19, we quickly pivoted and built an at-home training app called GRASSROOTS that is included free with all gym memberships. Simply request access after joining and you’ll be part of the 250+ in our global online community.


See why 96% of our members choose to renew their membership each month, every month, for the last nine years.

The Progressive Strength & Conditioning program, or “PSC”, is the heart and soul of Performance360 and for those who want to reach their peak level of fitness and aesthetic with a single program that blends three keystone training components in every class: strength, physique, conditioning


Barbell lifts such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, presses, rows, lunges, and snatches (yes, even during COVID-19). As well as a thorough library of kettlebell, dumbbell, and plyometric strength movements support our belief that stronger people look better, live longer, and perform more capably in life.


We don’t fear muscle. Functional bodybuilding is a cornerstone inclusion of our program that is designed to support lean, athletic muscle, performance, and looking better naked.


“Minimum Effective Dose”. Efforts of concentrated intensity centered around proven compound movements. An emphasis on quality and efficiency, not “fluff” and overkill cardio sessions that strip your muscle and preserve your fat.


Join our over 300+ online training community members for just $0.80 per day. 

  • Over 300+ members and counting.

  • 2 programs with workouts delivered daily: LIFT + PLYO

  • Coach led workout “walkhroughs” every single day.

  • Direct in-app messaging with your coaches.

  • Little to no equipment needed.

  • Train in 30 or less, every day.

  • Private library of 275+ movements.

  • Tangible results and progress charts.

  • No contracts, no commitments. Cancel anytime.


GRASSROOTS is included free with all P360 gym memberships, perfect for those who would like to perform a combination of in-gym classes and at-home workouts. 


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Our program was conceived in 2019 after realizing that our members needed an easy to follow, highly effective nutrition protocol that could be scaled for any level of need. Designed and lead by Ashley Pritz, the Become More Nutrition protocol is built around a three level system that focuses on changing habits, not outcomes. Designed and successfully used by hundreds of our members to outstanding results, you can rest easy knowing the information we give you is tested and proven.

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