Know this: our fitness here is rooted in achievement and the expression of what the human body can do. We don’t chase calories or heart rate monitor readings.

Whether it’s learning to lift weights, losing those extra pounds, or the confidence to finally just show up – we will develop your able body inside the gym so that it may yield a more successful version of yourself outside of it.

the P360 TRIAD

The “PSC” class is the heart and soul of P360 and blends three keystone training components in every class:
Physique * Strength * Conditioning


Fact: Muscle extends life span, and too many programs put you in a state of all cardio, all the time. Athletic Physique Development is a cornerstone inclusion of our program, designed to support lean, athletic muscle so you can look great and move strong.


Barbell lifts such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, presses, rows, and lunges are at the very foundation of every single 4-week cycle. We’ll train your absolute, explosive, relative, and functional strength. Scaled for level and goal, it is impossible not to get stronger, here.


Short, high intense workouts balanced against longer, more sustained efforts. Never too much of one without the other, to keep your body away from plateaus and always moving towards progress. And never overkill cardio that strips your muscle.