Hey, everyone!  Hope you guys all had a great weekend and enjoyed the ridiculous weather we had yesterday.  Personally, I was voluntarily pinned down watching football all day long yesterday so aside from seeing the sun through a window I couldn’t tell you how nice it was.

On to the goods…

**NEW** Tracking System

When you come into class today you will notice the new tracking system in place.  You will each have an individualized folder hanging above the couches in which you will now be able to track your progress.  We’ll be asking you to use and update the spreadsheets every time we do the major exercises listed.  It’s not meant to log every single workout, but more so a guide on what weight to use on exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc.

It will also encourage you to continually increase your reps and weight so that you never plateau and always make improvements.  We’ll be going through how to track them at class tonight and we’re very excited to roll this out for you guys.

We’ll also be logging this information into a software program that will churn out progress charts for those of you that want it on a monthly bases.

**NEW** P360 Meal Plan

The P360 Weekly Meal Plan is live and I am pumped for it.  You guys asked for more nutritional info and options so we’re stepping up and providing it.  This is going to be by far the most cost-effective and comprehensive nutritional info you’ll get without paying the hundreds for a nutritionist-prescribed plan.

There is a printer friendly version which you can print off and take to the store to easily buy all of the ingredients.  If you don’t wish to spend the $9 on this once the free access is over, we still have plenty of information on our chalkboards and websites for you guys to construct your own plans.  The resources are plenty.

Facebook/Referral Contest

We have two simultaneous contests right now as we strive towards our gym goal of 100 members by the end of this month (current count: 84).  If we hit that number by 9/30 then Pritz and I will be treating everyone to a huge party on our dime so keep those referrals coming!

Here are the referral leaders since the contest started.

  1. John Blackburn, 3
  2. Heather Dentz, 2
  3. Chris Hill, 2
  4. And a handful of others with one.

The leaders for the Facebook contest are still Hillary Green, John Blackburn, Ashley Blanton, Jason Weber and a handful of others in the mix, as well.  Keep ’em coming!

Member Shout Outs!

Another amazing week of member improvements and accomplishments and it’s been great to see many of you guys voluntarily increasing your weight without any instruction.

HUGE shout out to all of our racers across all sports.  All three of these people absolutely crushed it finishing at the absolute very top of all their respective races?!…coincidence?

Good Eats: Rancho Scramble (PW)

This is a great post-workout breakfast or anytime pw meal if you happen to be a breakfast food lover.

  • 2-4 eggs
  • 3 turkey sausage links or turkey bacon strips
  • 3 TBSP diced green chiles
  • 1/4c Mexican cheese
  • 1/2c hash browns

Toss everything in a pan together and cook as a scramble.  Top with optional hot sauce or salsa if you want an extra kick.

New Yoga/SUP Schedule

Yoga for Athletes
As we continue to monitor member feedback and balance the upcoming shorter days we will be going to the following new yoga schedule.

  • Tuesday – 6:30 pm
  • Thursday – 6:30 am

We flip flopped the days.  Once the days get darker we’ll be bumping up the Tuesday evening time a bit earlier.  As a reminder, the classes are a bit shorter and really geared to efficiently loosen up our hips, joints and larger muscles.  You’ll relieve back stiffness and all around increase your mobility in a quick 30-40 minute yoga workout.

Surf n’ Turf SUP
Surf n’ Turf SUP classes are now being moved to Saturday mornings!  Very excited for this move as it will allow for more daylight, warmer weather and not conflict with your Friday nights.  It also will allow us to not have to cancel any Friday night classes anymore, something that we never liked doing.

There is no Surf n’ Turf this week but when it comes back next week you’ll see it updated to Saturdays on the scheduling website.

Weekly Training Split


Trivia Question

Amy Turner was this week’s winner of the deer hunting trivia question.  Into the monthly gift card lottery she goes!  Her guess of four deer was right on the money.

Ashley Blanton was August’s big winner for the lottery and she takes home $30 to Sneak Joint.

Let us know what questions, comments, suggestions and feedback you guys have for us.


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