Good morning, everybody.  We have a TON in store for you guys over the upcoming the holiday season and we’re excited to get it rolling this week starting with Thanksgiving schedule, ‘Beat the Soft’ Holiday Challenges and more.

For starters, we had an amazing time on the bus with those of you that went and while we’ll stay away from the finer details we have some recognition for first spills of the day!


Someone had to do it! And it might as well have been Nick and Maria!

Great turtleneck, great mustache and great spill.

All in all a really fun time and we’re excited for December’s can’t miss Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl on December 10th.

‘Beat the Soft’ Holiday Challenge

Here’s the deal.  Anyone can train over the summer months when the motivation is to be in beach gear.  That’s not impressive to us as we’re trying to do much more than develop beach bodies (although it is a nice side effect).  REAL work is put in during the Fall and Winter where motivation is entirely self-driven.

We are very excited to kick off our 1st Annual ‘Beat the Soft’ Holiday Challenge on Monday, November 21 and ending December 31.  It’s completely voluntary and you need to make it known if you are participating.  We will have a few different categories to allow any individual to be able to win something.

We will have a male and female winner for the following categories.

  • Most Total Pounds Lost – we are simply taking the highest total pounds of weight loss regardless of body weight.


  • Highest Percentage Weight Loss – percentage of pounds loss against total body weight. For example, an 8# weight loss from someone who weighs 185# would be a 4% weight loss…highest percentage wins.


  • Strength Gains – percentage of total strength gain for three main exercises: deadlift, push press, squat. We will the percentage increase for all three exercises for a total sum.  For example, if you start at 85# on deadlift and go up to 125# over the six week contest that would represent a 32% increase just for deadllift.

Nah uh, no holiday fat gain in this gym.

Just shoot us an email or post on the Facebook wall if you’re in and in which categories.

We will handle of the tracking so you don’t need to worry about any of the details.  Once you announce yourself in, just sh0w and go and let us worry about the scoreboard.  A scale will be added to the gym on weigh in days.

And, what’s a contest without some sweet Grand Prizes?

  1. 1st Place for each – FREE month or $1oo U-Call-It Gift Card
  2. Runner up for each – 50% off a month or $50 U-Call-It Gift Card


We hope to see as many of you in the contest as possible since it will keep you focused and keep you from turning into soft mush over the course of the holidays.

While the rest of the country is averaging a 5 – 12# fat gain, this gym will be leaning out and getting stronger.  Mark it down.

Member Shout Outs

We had a very impressive week in the gym collectively, with a lot of you blowing past old PRs in the Dirty30 and had three different ladies set records in the gym!  What you don’t see, is that Kristen Petersen set the push press record only to be bested by Laura Stomber a day later!

Thanksgiving Schedule

We will be going to the following hours over Thanksgiving break.

  • Monday & Tuesday – regularly scheduled classes
  • Wednesday – 6:30 am DC, 7:15 am DC, 7:30 am OC, 12 pm DC
  • Thanksgiving – 9 am Thanksgiving Day Workout then closed
  • Friday – closed gym, group hike below
  • Saturday – normal hours


Rather than open the gym up for a couple of workouts on Friday we thought it might be fun to do a group hike of the longer Torrey Pines loop instead.

We’ll meet in the Torrey Pines State Park parking lot at 11 am and then hike it.  Feel free to do as much or as little as you like but either way you’ll be starring straight at the ocean on Thanksgiving weekend and that friends, is alright.

Holiday Referral Contest

As a reminder we are now in the thick of our November and December Holiday Referral contest and we have the following standings.

  1. Chris Cisek – 13 points
  2. Matt Gordon – 7 points
  3. Rick Dengler – 5 points
  4. Rachelle Rulenz – 1 point
  5. Laura Stomber – 1 point


You get one point for referring a friend that simply tries the gym and then an additional five points if that member joins, so you can add up points pretty quickly.

GRAND PRIZE – $100 U-Call-It P360 Christmas Present

The way the U-Call-It will work is plain and simple.  We’ll buy you something up to the value of $100.  Had your eye on a new pair of kicks?  Want a crisp Benjamin Franklin?  Deduct $100 off of your membership?  Bar tab?

Whatever you want we’ll throw $100 behind it.


As a reminder we have officially moved all Yoga classes to Thursday morning at 6:30 am out on the water.  Yoga has seen sporadic attendance over the life of the class at P360.  We want very much to keep it alive since those of you who have tried it have loved it, but the only way it can remain on the schedule is if people show.

Some of our heaviest lifters in the gym are the most consistent attenders and that is no coincidence.  Ask Sean if you’re a guy and you’re curious to the benefits.  He’s pulling 435#, pressing 205# and never had an ounce of back pain.

And for the ladies who might miss certain aspects of yoga from previous places, this is a great way to get your fix.

Here is a great website to illustrate just how important mobility is for the health of our bodies.  I could drone on and on about the importance of mobility for ensuring you remain injury-free but the only way to see its wonders is to try it for yourself.

We are open to all suggestions on preferred time if morning is too hard for some people.

Weekly Training Split

Here’s what the Daily Challenges for the week look like (Friday’s is a partner workout with split reps).


This week’s trivia winner was Ms. Heather Dentz!  Her guess of 11 mixed up babies (just feels terrible to say) was almost spot on to the actual answer of 12.  Dave Laut was a close second with a guess of 3,500.

Into the November Gift Card raffle goes Heather.

As always, continue to let us know what we can do to become a better gym and we’re excited to see what you guys can do over the upcoming Holidays.